Library Meeting Room

Who Can Use the Library Meeting Room?

The Library Meeting Room is primarily used for the library’s own events. When the room is not in use by the library, it may be reserved for use by other individuals, groups, or organizations. The capacity is 80 people, and all meetings must be open to Library staff and the public. No A.V. equipment is provided.

Allowed Use:

  • Meetings
  • Club events
  • Classes or programs offered by not-for-profit institutions
  • Religious and/or political meetings
  • Legal negotiations or proceedings
  • Tutoring
  • Individuals, 18 or older, meeting for studying, group projects, etc.
  • Fundraising for non-profits

Prohibited Use:

  • Commercial events, including classes or seminars which charge a fee; or where products, services, or memberships are advertised, solicited, or sold.
  • Private social events, e.g., parties, receptions, showers, etc.
  • Gambling in any form
  • Events not sponsored by a legal adult (18 or older)
  • Any event that is disruptive of library operations or services


When is the meeting room available?

The room is available during library hours only. The meeting room must be vacated no less than 15 minutes before library closing time.

No individual, group, or organization can be guaranteed regular meeting schedules.


Is there a fee?

No fee is charged for allowed use of the Library Meeting Room.

A $10 fee will be assessed for food or beverages of any kind. In addition, a $50 refundable deposit is required and will be returned in its entirety upon inspection of the condition of the room.

Please call 920-674-7733, ext. 3 or email for more information or to make a use request.

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