Junior Friends

What is Junior Friends?

A library service organization for students in 5th grade through 12th grade.


What is the organization’s purpose?

To help the library and promote an appreciation for the library and proper care of its materials by performing various duties and assisting library staff members in the Youth Department.


What are the requirements?

· Students must be in at least 5th grade

· Students must complete a one-hour training session before they begin volunteering.

· Students must volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours per year (beginning from the date they start)


What are the benefits of being a Junior Friend?

· Years 1-3: Students who complete their 12 hours will earn a gift basket.

· Years 4+: Students who complete their 12 hours will earn a $25 Chamber Bucks gift certificate


Students can count Junior Friends hours for volunteer requirements or list Junior Friends as an   extracurricular activity on applications.


How can I join?

Pick up an application from the Youth Desk or Adult Desk and turn it into the Youth Department. Your application will be reviewed and then you will be contacted to set up a one-hour training session.



Contact Junior Friends Coordinator, Tammy Seidel, at (920) 674-7733 ext. 207 or via email at tammy.seidel@jeffersonwilibrary.org

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